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KofC Says “Thanks, Maintenance Staff,” Honors Knight of the Month

posted Jul 23, 2013, 4:47 PM by Web Team
Knights of Columbus member Mike Palko has been named the July “Knight of the Month.” Mike is the unofficial parish photographer and recently completed a remarkable photo album as a going-away present for Fr. Matt Pfeiffer. The album included more than 1000 photos of St. Sebastian parishioners, church and school activities, and organizations so Father would have a remembrance of his first assignment.  

Mike also made sure parishioners had an opportunity to sign their photos and offer a special memory. Mike presented the album to Fr. Pfeiffer at his going-away party in June.

The Knights also recognized and thanked the members of the parish maintenance and custodial staffs as “Honorary Knights of the Month.”  Their work around the campus in the recent storm clean-up was remarkable. In particular, the Knights are grateful for the staff’s work saving Forest Lodge, the site of the regular KofC meetings. During the height of the flooding, the Lodge had three feet of water against its lower doors. Most of the clean-up was done by noon the next day.

The staffs include Aaron Salisbury, Fred Loria, Letha Cotter, Ed Goodrum, Richard Green, Donny Hamilton, Tom Hostetler Jr., David McDay, Greg Oden and Kelly Seikel. The Knights treated them to a barbeque.