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Congratulations for the 3rd Annual Race Around the Park

posted Oct 27, 2013, 7:45 AM by Web Team   [ updated Oct 27, 2013, 7:47 AM ]
Congratulations and thank you to all who competed in this year’s St. Sebastian Knights of Columbus 5k Race Around the Park & Family Fun Run. Participants from as far away as California were able to avoid the rain and enjoy the brisk morning. With the support of our sponsors including OGS Industries and Inspiron Logistics, 80 volunteers, and nearly 350 participants, the event once again was successful. Proceeds raised will aid in the charitable works of the Knights of Columbus. We look forward to next year’s 4th Annual race on October 18, 2014

Special congratulations to our overall male and female finishers 
Place Name AgeTime Pace 
 1Nick Seller 3517:50.0 5:45
 2Dean Beddon 1518:15.05:53
 3Kevin Murphy 3418.51.06:05

Place Name AgeTime Pace 
 1Theresa Hagey 1022.54.0 7:23
 2Danelle Villers 3822.54.0 7:23
 3Natalie Tobin 1122.55.0 7:23

Students from St. Sebastian, Our Lady of the Elms, St. Vincent St. Mary, STEM, and Miller South who competed in this year’s Kids Challenge amassed 154.3 miles. Congratulations to the St. Sebastian 6th grade classes who narrowly edged out the St. Sebastian 3rd and St. Sebastian 5th grade classes. An in-class pizza party will be scheduled for the 6th grade classes with your 

 Place Name Miles
 1 St. Sebastian 6th 28.9
 T2/3 St. Sebastian 5th 28.8
 T2/3 St. Sebastian 3th 28.8

Place Name Miles 
1 St. Sebastian 6th 28.9 
T2/3 St. Sebastian 5th 28.8 
T2/3 St. Sebastian 3rd 28.8 
For event details, results, photos, and more visit us online at www.akronkofc.org. Interested in sponsoring next year’s event, contact R. Tony Burgoyne at 330-805-7628 or tburgoyne@gpdgroup.com