Our purpose. . .
Akron Council Charities Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity organized exclusively to support the charitable, religious, and educational goals of Knights of Columbus Council 14255, serving St. Sebastian Parish and the community of West Akron.

Our initial goal. . .
Organized in 2012, ACC’s initial focus is to provide scholarship support to parish eighth grade students wishing to continue their educations at area Catholic high schools by endowing The Deacon Terry Peacock Scholarship Fund. Ten boys and girls from the parish have already received this assistance through Knights of Columbus Council 14255 operating funds. A $100,000 initial endowment will place this program on firm financial footing and allow it to be expanded in the future.

To help us get started. . .
Akron Council Charities was founded, in part, to allow St. Sebastian parishioners and members of the West Akron community to support this important Knights activity through tax-deductible giving. Your gift to the endowment can be in the form of cash, appreciated stocks, a deferred gift, insurance, or a bequest, although donor-advised funds cannot be arranged at present.

The gift of an education is one of the most important things we can offer our children. Please contact a board member if you can help.

Akron Council Charities
A 501(c)(3) Corporation
The Charitable Arm of Knights of Columbus Council 14255

2436 Audubon Road
Akron, OH 44320
Board of Trustees

John Anderson
Trevor Bills
Ron Klamert
Arlin Greber
Jeffrey Davis